Ghost Hunter Store


So I recently saw that the Ghost Hunter Store moved to Gettysburg PA, which I think is AWESOME for these guys!  What better place to have a store like this then in one (if not THE) most haunted cities in the United States.

Now I have met Bob Christopher of Ghost Detectives and have talked to him many times on Facebook, he is a great guy and a true professional!  I understand Dave Juliano (the owner of the Ghost Hunter Store) is part of his group and together they are even offering public investigations at some very cool spots through their new venture Haunted Explorations Events

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Dave yet but have heard nothing but good things about him too.  So we definitely wish them nothing but success with their big move to Gettysburg and their new venture.

There’s nothing better then when good things happen to good people! 

So if you are into the paranormal and need good quality equipment from a knowledgeable source please check out the the Ghost Hunter Store and definitely make sure to watch Ghost Detectives on Saturday nights right after our show!




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