a new connection


I made a trip to Lock Haven this past Thursday night to meet with a local investigating  group out that way.  The Lock Haven Paranormal Seekers were formed in 2007 and have had the same core 6 members for the last couple years.  They have investigated some interesting locations and pride themselves with being a professional, quality group that helps individuals and families who have experienced paranormal activity in their homes.

I have to say we had a really good conversation.  They seem to be good quality people who not only have a passion and respect for the paranormal but also for the history of the town they live in.  They are exactly the type of group we like to work with, so we’re going to setup some projects with them soon for the fall season of Soul Searchers.

But if you are in their area and have questions about the paranormal or have activity in your home and need some answers, definitely contact them.  They will be a great resource for information.


(pictured in photo from left Millie, Lou, Theresa, Kara, Charlie, Ashlyn)

Lock Haven Paranormal Seekers Website


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