I hate dolls …


Anyone who knows me, knows I HATE DOLLS … I used to think it was an irrational fear that goes back years to a movie I watched as a kid … BUT we actually had an experience involving a doll on one of our very first investigations that definitely gave us all a scare.

We were at an old abandoned house in Montoursville that turned out to be extremely haunted. Of course right on cue as I walked into the one bedroom, sitting all alone against the wall was a small doll someone had left behind. I of course, mentioned to the group in some colorful terms smile emoticon how creepy it looked and right after I said that we captured an evp stating to
that was the last time I mentioned the doll …

I do believe spirits can inhabit dolls and have heard many stories of them doing so … I read this article this morning of a famous doll that inspired several several movies …






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