catching up…

So we started this blog to keep in touch with you guys, this will be all of the stuff we wanted to add to facebook that somehow always just gets lost in the timeline.  Definitely going to try and keep it updated with all of the exciting stuff we’re getting into!

so here’s a recent recap …

Lewisburg Hotel – met with Dale, the GM there last week and confirmed the first investigation date, this should be a really cool spot and Dale is very willing to help us gather all of the things we need to produce the episode, so off to a great start here.
I confirmed with Mark & Paula Anstine (& Thelma their service dog) our ‘sensitive’ friends from Gettysburg that they are making the trip up too, so really excited!

We actually went out to the Cell Block Nightclub on January 30th to watch the new episode live on TV – Jodi & Kimber couldn’t make it unfortunately but Kathy, Jim & I and my wife Shelley all made it out!  They gave us the Pub all to ourselves and we had a good time watching the episode on tv.  We definitely felt a little ‘old’ there but heck we had a great time and the staff was awesome!  Definitely brought back some memories for me (was a bouncer there years ago) and it was awesome Shelley came along, so def lots of fun!

the Cell Block Episode went C-R-A-Z-Y !
By far our best episode yet in term of views/comments etc – I got all sorts of awesome messages about how they enjoyed it and it was our best one yet!
That makes us feel GREAT, because a lot of time and effort go into these episodes so when they get this type of response we really take notice, thanks again to everyone for making it such a HUGE success!!

and if you haven’t caught it yet here it is –
Soul Searchers Episode – the Cell Block, Williamsport PA

Citizens fire co 1-30-16 002
Let’s see we also did an investigation of the Citizen’s Fire Company here in South Williamsport on January 30th (before the cell block night out) and got some more good footage for their episode – definitely need to finish that one up here soon, it’s been dragging on way too long and the place is really cool!  Casey (the fire chief) brought his wife Laura with him for the investigation and she was GREAT!  She’s 6 months pregnant and def felt some things while on the hunt.

Jodi has been working on some social media things behind the scenes for us and we are hoping to roll out some new ways for you to follow us here real soon.

’til next time guys!




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