HELP! we’re searching for locations…


HELP! We are actively  searching for locations to investigate / film for the fall season of
our Soul Searchers TV show that airs on Saturday nights on FOX56-TV, the CW and MyNetwork TV.

We’re looking for places that have an interesting history to them as well as activity, old mansions, bars, museums, hotels, inn’s, etc. (the bigger and older the better) I can think of a hundred places that would be great but getting a hold of the right person to sit down and talk with about it is what we need.

So if anyone has any contacts for a place like this, even if they don’t think it’s haunted (you’d be surprised what we find in ‘normal’ places!) please pass them along …  If we get to investigate there we’ll even invite you along as a guest investigator!

Thanks everyone for your help with this!


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  1. Nova Lower says: how about doing a search on the creepiest house they used in the movie called silence of the lamb. its a century old house located in PA..thelink is a facebook link that tells a little bit bout the house.


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